Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sirs clips

The man talks about how the main objective for a film director and producer is to find a target market, this can be done very easily if the film is exhibited online free of charge. A problem now is exhibition as the audience can download the films for free or watch it at home on dvd. This lowers the revenue generated through cinemas making it harder for film makers to stand out as the audience is 'spoilt'.

Post production -  any production taken place after the film is shot (editing, special effects)

Hollywood are having problems as they lost 6.1 billion dollars in one year. Hollywood will keep on losing their audience for piracy, they may have to resort to buying more industries to profit or make their films better. This would allow a direct link between the audience and Hollywood films.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Exam essay 1

How does digital media impact institutions and audiences?

Digital media has been developing fast within the past years and plays a huge part within peoples lives. There is a huge significance for media institutions and audiences. Without digital media it would be very hard to capture a large audience, this is because it would be harder to advertise films as they can't be done digitally. If there was not any digital media the film industry would not be on the scale it is today as production (software's will not be available stopping the use of effects), distribution (it will be a lot harder to promote and advertise the film as digital technology wont be available such as televisions, internet.) and exhibition (the film will not be able to be in certain formats e.g. DVD and Blu-ray.) will be a lot more difficult to carryout.

Hollywood are able to produce films at a very large scale due to their large budgets. Millions or even billions of dollars are put into the production, distribution and exhibition of a Hollywood movie, allowing incredible quality films to be produced. Without digital media the production of films will be very difficult, movie making software's would be unavailable for use meaning special effects would be nonexistent. This would means films under the genre sci-fi would not be available as there would be a lack in digital technology. This would drastically damage the film industry as an audience supporting sci-fi films will no longer be available for targeting. UK film industries are more based on independence, allowing film production to take place but at a way smaller scale; this is because of the smaller budgets available for production. Digital media would once again be essential for the production of films as film making software helps put a film together efficiently.

Distribution would also be very difficult without the use of digital technology. It would be a lot harder to promote and advertise new films without the use of internet and televisions. Film industries would have to stick to tangible advertisement such as newspapers. This would make it difficult for new films to get the exposure needed as individuals would not have the technology needed to find out information about new up and coming films. This shows the significance and importance of digital technology in today's world, without them a specific target audience would be difficult to reach.

Lastly exhibition would be effected if digital media was not available. A film can be produced and distributed but how would an audience consume it without digital technology? DVD and Blu-ray players are needed for an individual to view a film in a comfortable homely environment. Without digital media old fashioned cinema screening would be in use, this then makes me question if colour within a film would be available? Digital media is essential for an audience to watch the film at home, either over the internet or through their television screen via DVD / Blu-ray.

In conclusion without digital media the film industry would not be on the scale it is today. Millions of dollars and pounds are invested to produce the best quality films, without digital media these movies would not be available to the audience today. This just shows how much of an impact it has on institutions and audiences as without digital media i question if institutions would even generate enough money to survive within the market.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Budget - $90,000,000
Income generated (Opening week) - £3,081,072
Screens hit (Opening week) - 476
Gross profit - $209,028,672

Sherlock Holmes - 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sales & Marketing

  • A sales agent is hired who's a specialist within film sales.
  • A trailer is made to show the target audience the main aspects of the film.
  • The producer and sales agent gather everything they need  to sell the film to distributors.
  • The film gets screened, generating interest around the film
  • The producer is now ready to negotiate with distributers around the globe.
  • A sales team is formed, to help market the film; reaching its full potential.
  • Knowing the audience is important, test screening takes place to see how the audience will react to the film it self.
  • The potential audience is then targeted with posters promoting the film it self. Other media's are used to reach the targeted audience, such as digital media (computer/internet) and newspapers.
  • A deal is negotiated with cinema's to screen the film, allowing it to reach the target audience.